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26 August 2004
Those aren't doughnuts- they're zeros
posted by mike d
On the heels of the ballyhoo surrounding the opening of a new Krispy Kreme store on Dupont circle, and the subsequent snafu on opening day, now comes word that KKD is (further) falling through the floor, thanks to an earning report half of what it was a year ago.

While the official word is that Atkins America is pinching them in the love handles, the resignation of the COO a couple of weeks ago to do the same gig at Restoration, and (more ominously) an SEC investigation into accounting shenanigans involving a franchise-buyback program are more likely culprits of the tasteless results.

It is obviously the job of all of us here in DC to eat as many of their doughnuts as possible, to get them out of these financial dire straights.
25 August 2004
Technical Difficulties
posted by mike d
So Örn's archnemisis Wonkette went out and got herself an iBook the other day:

Apple iBook G4: $1099.00
AirPort Extreme Card: $79.00
Parking at Clarendon Mall: $.50
Ass-fucking jokes: Priceless

You really can buy your way out of any situation. Wonkette would like to thank the capitalist system for making her return possible. We'll get busy shortly.

I must be doing something right if I've got the same laptop as the Queen of inside-the-beltway gossip. But I've recently been having serious sensitivity issues with the touchpad on this little deuce coupe of a computer. It's gotten to the point I think I'm headed out to the same Apple Store she went to to see if they can do something. It'd be interesting to see if she (no doubt a heavier user of the iBook than I) runs into the same problems.

not that that excuses the lack of posting- "day job" (and i use the term loosely) is the excuse i'll give. but i can no longer use that excuse.
23 August 2004
Consider this the obligatory comment about how neither of these guys is as cute as Jen Chung
posted by mike d
So, in a move that might actually motivate some writing over here (coupled with a subtle "what happened to due torre?" from the 'rents over the weekend), the Gothamist keiretsu has extendend a tentacle down to Dupont's Swamp: DCist is live.

Go get a fix of Marion Barry pride.

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